Californian Massage School Barcelona

We are a center dedicated to teaching Californian Massage in Barcelona, Zaragoza and Vigo.

A type of massage that has a restorative and liberating purpose, being at the same time very deep and intense. All our trainings are focused on working the muscular, emotional and energetic part.

Basic Course

Start your professional career to provide a complete massage and begin your experience.

Intermediate Course

Learn deeper and more detailed concepts. Let go of the mind to flow from the heart.

Advanced Course

Develop dynamic skills on the massage table with more complex maneuvers.

Anatomy and Physiology

Get to know the human body with its interrelationships and interdependencies from a global vision.

Complementary Courses

We offer you continuous training courses with the techniques that best complement Californian Massage, take a look and discover them!

Become a Professional Californian Massage Therapist!

We know that you are looking for a space to develop yourself on a personal level. For this reason, the Escuela Masaje Californiano Barcelona offers you the opportunity to become a Professional Californian Massage Therapist

School Calendar

Our team of professionals

International Certification in Esalen® Massage

Once you have completed the training in Californian Massage, we offer you the possibility to obtain the International Certification in Esalen Massage.

The next Certification will be in Portugal in August 2022.

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