Harmonic Hammocks

We know that during your professional training you will discover the need to work on a gestation process, on a deeper and more precise massage or on movements that relax the nervous system. We offer you to learn the techniques of Harmonic Hammocks in the hands of excellent professionals.

Characteristics of the course

Harmonic Hammocks is a technique of Psycho-physical work that, through movement, invites the patient to experience freedom and lightness in every part of his body.


In a natural way it gives awareness of our physical or emotional stiffness, and session by session a re-education takes place that comes in the lived experience.


Unlike massages that work the layers of tissue looking for depth, the Harmonic Hammocks are movements that arise from the depth, vibrating from the bone structure outward.


For those who are already trained in bodywork such as massage, yoga, dance, etc., and want to train in this technique, it is a beautiful experience. Because to be able to give sessions and offer lightness, you have to be light. To offer freedom you have to be free, to invite to let go we have to have let go.

Formador escuela masaje californiano

Martín Olsen


Starts:  Tuesday 26 March 2024, at 10:00
Ends:  Monday, 1 April 2024, at 14:00

Schedule: 10:00 to 20:00


Trainer: Martín Olsen
Phone: (+54) 9 351 372 4366 (WhatsApp)


Cash: 790€
Payment in installments: 840€
(Enrollment fee of 140€ and four monthly payments of 175€)

Harmonic hammocks course Barcelona

Hello, my name is Martin Olsen.

When I was 21 years old I started to question life, if that routine of working 9 hours a day all year long to get to have 15 days of vacation was life, it seemed to me a downer.


Then I looked for something that would help me change that path, something that would fill my heart, something that would be an ally tool to walk my existence. I had two requirements, the first one was that it was through my hands, the second one was to be able to help others.


Luckily and quickly I found a massage school called Oasis, there I trained as a body therapist, I was assistant, supervisor, teacher and again student each time.


The experience of having shared my early years with my teachers Marcelo Bartroli and Ingrid May (founders of Californian Massage) was extraordinary. They helped and guided me countless times, teaching me a way of living life without judgment, without duality, available to open my heart to whoever comes to my sessions or we simply cross paths somewhere.


I was able to explore and embrace the shadow, to dance and celebrate the ecstasy of living, to acquire habits and ways that healed me and to be able to let go of what was already old to give more space and possibilities to what followed.


In those 20 years of experience it was always clear to me that the loving contact of massage and the ways in which it was transmitted to me healed me, that the love I received has to keep rolling because it is universal and I feel in my heart the possibility of offering it to you.

Today I have the joy of being invited by the Californian Massage School Barcelona to share my knowledge there in Barcelona, this time through the Harmonic Hamacados.


Probably we all experience or have rigidities, now the invitation is ….

What are you willing to let go of?

How do you imagine if that rigid thing were something soft and light?

When do you want to start experiencing it?

How much longer are you willing to wait for it to happen?

What benefits do you think being light in life will offer you?


Harmonic Hammocks is a technique of Psycho-Physical work with clothes, which can be included in massage sessions, or any other body therapy on a stretcher, cranio-sacrum, osteopathy, etc.

Nota: Note: We will provide you with a pdf with the history and fundamental pillars of the Harmonic Hamacados.

Upon completion of the Californian Massage training, the school offers the possibility to obtain the International Certification in Esalen Massage.

The next Certification will be in Portugal in August 2022.