What is The Californian Massage?


This type of massage was born in the Esalen Institute (Big Sur, California) during the sixties. It was a community founded by people with very different backgrounds; the majority having arrived after spending long periods of time in India, Thailand, or Tibet for example. The community still exists today and has created a number of interesting disciplines including Californian Massage, the Rolfing method of massage, Gabriel Roth’s five rhythms, and a well-founded yoga school as well as being the birth place of Gestalt therapy. All these disciplines share common roots and the same essence.


Californian massage was created from a mixture of massage techniques with their origins in Ayurvedic, Thai, and Hawaiian massage, internal mobilization, harmonious rocking motions and cranio-sacral therapy, in which it is of primary importance to understand the human being as a whole. It is a holistic massage.


Californian massage is based on long movements that encompass the whole body as they were a kind of caress or a wave-like motion; a combination of movements with twisting, kneading, long, stroking motions, tractions and rocking movements….

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Californian Massage Benefits

Releases Emotional Blockages

Emotions can be “trapped” somewhere in our body, this work favors their release.

Releases Physical Blockages

This technique handles a great variety of tools that allow a very deep work in the different structures of the body.

Releases Stress

For its slow and leisurely pace and the feeling of being taken care of throughout the session.

Improves Mobility

Tends to expand the range of joint movement, favoring the relief of chronic pain.

Eases the Reconnection

With our body and ourselves. Increasing our energy level and improving our self-perception.

Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation

Because of the depth of our physical work, we favor the circulation of the blood and activate the lymphatic system.

The Essence of The Californian Massage

For some understanding of what this kind of massage is really about, I am going to use three basic concepts in my explanation; all three are completely inter-related and suppose a certain attitude from the person giving the massage. These three basic foundations are: presence, listening to the body and a conscious ‘mindful’ touch.

If you are a yoga practitioner you will have heard your teachers refer to the state of ‘the here and now’, where they incite you to free your mind of its concerns and tensions and give you time to slowly arrive at a place and frame of mind with which to begin the practice.

This is the very same concept; my reference to presence is exactly that. Californian massage is like a journey where there is no room for any additional luggage. When the masseuse is able to undertake this journey and put their ‘daily existence’ to one side and calm their mind, they will be simply present.

What The Say About Us



I was surprised what a quality and intense master-class it turned out to be! The instructor gave us a very complete set of exercises, repeated them patiently several times and even sent us them per email afterwards. He was attentive to every student during the whole session


Una técnica apta para todo tipo de edades y complexiones que tiene como objetivo la relajación al tiempo que se trabajan los puntos de dolor, las contracturas, etc. Es un masaje profundo para todo el cuerpo, de pies a cabeza: no esperéis cuatro caricias y basta. Poneos en las expertas manos de Xavi y os parecerá que nunca antes os habían hecho un masaje.


Esto proporciona al masaje californiano una serie de ventajas sobre otro tipo de masajes. En esta escuela desean expandir el conocimiento sobre esta técnica para así poner al alcance del mayor número posible de personas un poderoso instrumento benéfico para la salud.



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Leave us your E-mail address, and we will get in touch with you


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