Lomi Lomi

We know that during your professional training you will discover the need to work on a gestation process, on a deeper and more precise massage or on harmonic movements that relax the nervous system. We offer you to learn the techniques of Lomi Lomi massage from excellent professionals.

Characteristics of the course

The Lomi Lomi or Hawaiian Massage consists of a rhythmic surge of successive movements especially applied with the forearms. The rhythm is sometimes vigorous and dynamic, sometimes deep and slow.


We follow the sound of Hawaiian rhythms that invite us to dance, incorporating rotations and stretching that will release the accumulated tension in our body.


With the trainings you will learn the Lomi Lomi practiced by the Hawaiian Kahunas in the Temples (Hawaiian Temple Bodywork). At the end of the course you will be able to perform a Lomi Lomi session, understanding the basic principles on which this technique is based.


The trainings are aimed at people who are professionally engaged in bodywork, as well as people who, despite having no previous experience in this field, want to start or simply learn new tools about body care, relaxation and holistic health.


Those who are already familiar with traditional Hawaiian massage can use the trainings to perfect their technique, expand their knowledge and explore new visions of themselves.

Duration: 32 hours

Lomi lomi course Barcelona

Maria Naveira


Dates: Weekends

May 6 and 7, 2023


Level 1:
June 3 and 4, 2023


10:00 a 19:00

Contact information:
Phone number: (+34) 636182645


Each Module 170€.
The complete training consists of 2 Modules

Lomi lomi course Barcelona

Hello, my name is María Naveira.

I am María Naveira, trainer and body therapist, with 20 years of experience in different disciplines and manual techniques.


I started training in therapeutic and sports massage. Over time I understood that we are much more than something physical, that there is a psychological, spiritual and emotional part that affects us and that we are the sum of it all.


This made me specialize in Holistic and Oriental Therapies. For several years I lived in different countries in Europe and spent long periods in Asia (India, Thailand, Cambodia…). In the course of these trips I learned the most ancient ways of healing the body, I was trained in Ayurveda, Traditional Thai Massage, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, Sound Therapy, etc.


Later on, Traditional Hawaiian Massage (Lomi Lomi Nui) appeared in my life.


(Lomi Lomi Nui). This way of seeing and working the body captivated me, broke all my schemes, a new way of understanding how everything works in us was presented to me. This pushed me to train in Malta, Poland and Hawaii, where I acquired the Mastery that now allows me to train others and share the essence and philosophy behind Lomi Lomi Nui.

Lomi lomi course Barcelona

All these Body Therapies help us to alleviate ailments, eliminate stress, self-knowledge and return us to our natural state: health.

Note: Note: We will provide you with a support dossier and a pendrive with native music.

Upon completion of the Californian Massage training, the school offers the possibility to obtain the International Certification in Esalen Massage.