Esalen® International Massage Certification 2024, in Galicia (Spain)


Get ready to discover a practice that goes beyond simple massage; it is a holistic healing philosophy that will take you to new heights of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

What makes our Esalen® Massage Certification unique?

Our certification program immerses participants in the essential principles of Esalen® Massage, providing step-by-step guidance in therapeutic massage techniques and mindful breathing practices. Under the expert guidance of Perry Holloman and Eva Maria Leve, Certified Esalen teachers, students acquire the skill and sensitivity to apply Esalen® Massage, facilitating the energetic flow and releasing accumulated tensions in the body.

We offer an enriching experience that elevates understanding and skill in the art of massage to a new level. Our certification provides the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in this exciting field.

Esalen® Massage Trainers

Esalen certification Portugal 2022

Perry Holloman

Perry has lived and taught Esalen® Massage at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, since 1979.

He developed the Esalen® Massage Teacher Training Program and has been training teachers worldwide since 2009.

He also created the Deep Bodywork® program at Esalen and teaches professional bodyworkers how to develop advanced bodywork skills.

Esalen certification trainer 2022

Eva-Maria Leve

Eva-Maria lives and works in Dortmund as a naturopath with her own approach to bodywork and body therapy. She is certified in Esalen Massage®, Somatic Integration® and Somatic Experiencing® (trauma healing according to Peter Levine).

She is an EMBA certified Esalen® Massage teacher and organizer of the Esalen® Massage and Advanced and Deep Bodywork® trainings in Germany.

Dates and times

It will begin on Sunday, September 22, 2024 and end on Sunday, October 6, 2024.

  • The duration of the certification course is 15 days.
  • The training will be conducted in English, with simultaneous translation into Spanish and German.


The place chosen for the training is a retreat center on the south coast of Galicia (Cangas del Morrazo, Pontevedra).


The 100-hour Certification is priced at 2,900€ (including room and board).
300 discount, if you register before May 31, 2024.
A deposit of 300 € is required to register for the training.

Request more information and access the complete training program.

Write to us, we will be happy to help you!

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