The cradle of the Pelvis: Psoas and Piriformis (Piriformis) in the Esalen® Massage

Explore the power of your energy center. Learn how to release emotional and physical tensions to restore harmony in your body.

Characteristics of the course

The pelvic region is the cradle of our energetic center. The psoas and piriformis here connect the spine to the legs and ensure that the weight of our body is centered on the hip joints in a fine balance. The harmonious interaction of these muscles turns the upright posture, standing and walking into a real dance around the center that brings stability, flexibility and pleasure.


The psoas and piriformis are important muscles of the pelvic area that react to emotional or physical trauma by contracting to protect the center of the body. Chronic tension and shortening of these muscles can lead to a variety of ailments, such as low back pain, sciatica, indigestion and restricted breathing. To restore proper pelvic function, a combination of manual techniques and stretching is essential. These measures ensure that body weight is effectively transferred back through the pelvis to the legs.

To whom it is addressed

The seminar is aimed at advanced massage therapists who want to enrich their work with new variations based on the essence of Esalen® Massage.

Each day we will explore and deepen our connection with ourselves and others, using dance, yoga, continuum and sharing to create space for our heart energy to nurture ourselves and others.

What you will learn

  • The function and interaction of the psoas and piriformis with surrounding structures in terms of integral anatomy.
  • Techniques and stretches to open more superficial structures such as the abdominal muscles, gluteal and
    thoracolumbar fascia
  • Deep connective tissue stretching and techniques
  • Silent immobilizations for integration

Duration: 21 hours

Contact us if you have any questions about this course

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Ingrid May


Starts: Friday 15 November
Ends: Sunday 17 November


Friday from 16:00 to 20:00
Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 19:30

Duration: 20 hours

Trainer: Indrid May


Total cost: 390€.
First payment: 100€ (reservation of place)

Hello, my name is Ingrid May.

Ingrid May trained as a physiotherapist until 1975 in Germany.

In 1980, a deep inner longing and a search for integration led her to India, where she met the teachings of Non-Duality, which have been her inner home ever since.

He then spent many years living at the Esalen Institute in California, during a time when the center was an especially rich meeting place for some of the world’s most renowned pioneers in the Human Potential Movement, including many shamans, great Thinkers and teachers of the movement.


Ingrid is one of the members and Senior Teachers of Esalen Massage worldwide and continues today as part of the faculty of the Esalen Healing Arts Department.

In 1996 she moved to Buenos Aires/ Argentina as Founder and Co-Director of the Oasis School of Californian Massage and Healing Arts. She conducts seminars and workshops all over the world, combining her knowledge of healing with her love for the heart. She has almost fifty years of experience as a Bodyworker, working with individuals and groups, focusing on the simple and eternal beauty of the heart.

Since 2018 he resides again in his native Germany enjoying his family and the simple life.

Note: We will provide you with a support dossier and a pendrive with native music.

Once the training in Californian Massage is completed, the school offers the possibility of obtaining the Esalen International Certification in Massage.

Upon completion of the Californian Massage training, the school offers the possibility to obtain the International Certification in Esalen Massage.

The next Certification will be in Portugal in August 2022.