The Team

We are a massage school dedicated to the teaching of Californian Massage . This type of massage has a restorative and liberating purpose, being at the same time very deep and intense.

In our massage school we work on the muscular part as well as the emotional and energetic part of the person. Throughout this teaching, we will emphasize both parts and their interrelationship.

The main objective of the Californian massage is to make the person disconnect from their daily life and enter into a state of deep relaxation. This is achieved with a deep and careful physical work, with an integral and constant presence on the part of the masseur, which entails a deep listening to everything that is happening in the massage session.

In this massage school we work from the Hara (energetic source located in the second chakra) and we will pay special attention to the postures of our own body, as well as to our breathing.

The Californian massage sessions are very slow and harmonious, with a fairly slow rhythm and a fairly constant pressure. The integration of all this work is fundamental, and we achieve this through long movements, the hallmark of this type of massage.

Xavier Gil
Certified Esalen Massage Teacher by the Esalen Institute (California, USA) (2019)

I graduated in Psychology in 1995 at the UB (Barcelona), but I have always lived psychology as one of the legs of the stool, essential, yes, but you can hardly sit on a stool with only one leg.

Since always, my motivation and my vision of the human being was holistic and integral, therefore, in an intuitive way I launched myself into the search for the other legs of the stool. I tried contemporary dance, theater, yoga, meditation …. All these disciplines had a great effect on me, but this effect was multiplied when I learned about massage.

Through contact with another person’s body I finally managed to break the barrier I felt between myself and others. From the beginning I felt the massage as a complete integration with the person with whom I was sharing the session at that moment.

Something magical happens when you treat a person’s body with care, respect and love, the body loosens up, energy flows, emotions are unleashed…and the final sensation is one of deep peace and relaxation. And the wonderful thing is that these emotions usually occur in both directions, in both the receiver and the giver.

I can finally sit comfortably on my stool!

Linda Benoit
Assistant Director of the Californian Massage School Barcelona.

I grew up in nature between rivers and mountains in a village in the south of France, next to the natural park Des Grands Causses. My professional interests and my desire to know the world led me to study abroad.

After studying child psychology, sociology and communication I worked for more than twenty years in the fashion industry. Within international corporations, in areas of team management, visual merchandising, window dressing and in areas of customer service, as well as control and monitoring of business lines. This allowed me to live outside Europe and integrate new behavioral and cultural codes.

My desire to grow as a person led me to make a radical change in my life, redirecting my energy on the path of personal wellness and energy therapies. First as a tool for personal healing, then as a response to my desire to share this knowledge and serve as a channel to help others.

My training is in Californian Massage, Deep Tissue, Lomi-Lomi, Thai, Reiki and in continuous training in Gestalt and Existential Coaching.

These techniques and sensitivity to conscious listening allow me to guide, channel, connect and become a channel of support so that the other can also connect with their own listening and increase the level of awareness with feeling and breathing.
Currently I combine my activity as a therapist and teacher at the school, with training in various techniques to awaken the awareness of touch.

Vicente A. Sánchez Cuenca
Assistant Director of the Californian Massage School in Zaragoza.


This statement by Bruce Lipton in his book “The Biology of Belief”, defines me quite a bit.

Always, since I have knowledge, I have been accompanied by that action that leads me to share everything I have known in my experience, without any intention of “evangelizing”, only sharing, for the sake of opening windows and creating other options to the established ones, with the healthy intention of helping to improve, to grow in the well being of the people I have met, just as others help me.

I am interested in any knowledge or experience that improves and reconciles people’s health.
There is increasing evidence of the indissoluble relationship between attitude, thoughts, memories, emotions, impulses and organic state. Our attitude and thoughts generate immunological, neurological and plastic changes that can facilitate or hinder our balance and healing.

I am creating an introductory self-awareness program to raise the power of consciousness and healing, perhaps meeting the human need for a paradigm shift in health and wellness.

Part of my training is linked to Neurolinguistic Programming: Practitioner and Master in NLP, Team Coach and Certified as an Esalen Massage and Bodywork Practitioner.

Yoga gives me life, meditation makes me be more present in it, my daughters, sports and music raise my energy “higher and higher”. Your love has lifted me Higher and Higher, Otis Reding laa la, la lalalalalalalalala ……..

Linda Vismayo

At the beginning of the 90’s in Caracas, the city where I was born; I graduated in Dramatic Art, in search of myself and my passion, I developed in this field without being totally possessed by the interpretation.

In this eagerness I studied different styles of dance (jazz, contemporary, Arabic dance) even being already residing in the city of Barcelona, I graduated in dance therapy (AfroYin Method). Parallel to this, I always found in touch a way to express myself. Until one day I had the enlightenment that this would be my path and my passion.

Since then all my focus has been on my training as a body and holistic therapist. Since 2003, I created my own style of massage (Vismayo Method), where I mix tools such as: Californian Massage, Ayurveda massage (Abyangha Pada), Hot
Stones, crystal therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, shamanic medicine, among others).

I have obtained the qualification in organic psycho osteopathy, in 2018, along with other training in microbiota and nutrition, turning my treatments into an Integrative therapy, where I assume each individual from a multidimensional perspective. Simultaneously all these years I have immersed myself in teaching in very diverse areas ranging from massage, Tantra, self-transformation through dance to human anatomy, the latter being a fascination for me and my research. I love the human body and touching it transforms me as well. This is my passion and my talent.

Marta Rodriguez Zuñiga

I was always a restless person with a desire to do different things.

When I was 18 years old I took a chiromassage course, which I liked because of the contact with the person, being able to help their wellbeing, but I always believed that there was something more and those massages were missing something. For various personal reasons I could not expand my courses and knowledge in this field, I settled in a job which I saw only and exclusively as a source of income.

Wanting to change this in 2019 I quit and started doing different courses: Reiki with the idea of complementing those massages, hypnotherapy, Bach flowers…. I wanted to do my bit to help people with their various problems due to this social and systematic rhythm to which we are subjected, but it was with the Californian massage where I saw that light. A real discovery!

With the Californian massage I could see the strength of the contact between us, the way to take you to that state of peace, calm, tranquility, a state of fullness and evasion where feelings from time to time make an appearance to flow and join a relaxed body, there, in that state, there where everything is perfect.

Now I do feel that I do something that I like and that fulfills me, something that contributes to me and to the other person. Delighted and excited to be and to discover this path, with the desire to expand it but to continue on it.

Gala Santiago

In 2014 I changed my life of office and computer to set up a yoga and therapy center with my partner in Sant Boi de Llobregat.

I still remember the fear and excitement I felt, I was not at all comfortable starting in a new place, selling myself as a therapist, feeling like I was jumping off a cliff without a parachute.

But there are decisions that you make from your gut, from your soul, from the deepest part of your being. And although I didn’t understand what I was doing, I felt that when I played, through my hands, a dialogue took place, my hands went by themselves, they rested in unexpected places, they moved faster or simply stopped. And I was doing nothing. It was magic that happened by itself.

For me to be able to touch and be touched is a gift of being alive. Contact is the expression of the deepest part of our being. Even if it is unconsciously, when we play, we give voice to our inner self, to all that we keep silent and do not listen to.

Every day I am deeply grateful to be able to listen, to be aware of all the internal -almost imperceptible- movement within each one of us. And just by listening to us, we are transformed and live life from another place. A more authentic place, more connected and closer to our Self.

  • Zen Shiatsu Therapist (Zenit Shiatsu, Barcelona 2014)
  • Kobido (Zenit Shiatsu, Barcelona 2015)
  • Californian Massage (Californian Massage School, Barcelona 2016)
  • Salmaia Method (biological healing course, Barcelona 2017)
Susana Papazachariou

I have grown up moving between two worlds, two different cultural backgrounds that have led me to integrate disciplines, styles and ways of seeing life.

My academic life began with studies in Public Relations, continued at the University of Barcelona with Romance Philology and was completed at the University of Crete. During my first job, I worked as a translator-interpreter and then I joined the investment department of a financial institution.

My roots and my interest in Middle Eastern culture brought me closer to the dances of Eastern and African tradition, and so I began my artistic career as a dancer and teacher in 2003. I continue to explore and complement my training with Hilal Dance (Contemporary Egyptian Dance), Free Dance (Malkovsky), Dance-Theater and Butoh.

Always in this continuous search between inner evolution and expression, I became certified as an instructor in Yoga Vinyasa (YAI) and Qi Gong (ACQG), and currently in IPlates Mat, disciplines that nourish and enrich the project and on which I continue to deepen and investigate.
The experience has led me to develop this project from a personal and multidisciplinary prism that aims at a synthesis of an organic, conscious and creative movement. An open and dynamic work in progress.

MoveIN I Dance – Yoga – Qi Gong

Sandra Piro Suárez

My life was always based on 3 pillars, logic, the need to give and living many lives in one. Until my 40s I worked in multinationals.

A stress peak gave me the opportunity to leave everything to live in India for a while. I needed to find a deeper meaning to my life. I went through different disciplines in this search: Yoga, Aeroyoga, Ayurveda, Vedic Philosophy, Sound Therapies, etc. I studied everything I could to find new paths. I loved that time of my life!!!.
Some time later I met Ingrid May and her Oasis school. In that space I found the possibility to give without limit, to connect with the vulnerability of the other and to understand that I am respectful of those places. I learned the difference between a sensual touch and a loving touch. Understanding that difference allowed me to transcend a new boundary and from that moment on my need to give had found a safe space.
My need for logic was met by studying Deep Tissue. Here I came across a defined technique, a muscle tracing, a sense, a pathology, etc. Everything was logical!
With all this I traveled to Barcelona for a month-long vacation that lasted almost 5 years. There I met Xavi and his school. Our relationship started from Yoga and took the direction of massage. Teaching the Deep Tissue course at her school continues to be what connects me most with my essence. Each course is an experience of growth and discovery. Each group is a different edge. The old and new students are creating an exchange that always teaches me. In this space I cover, in part, my need to live many lives in one.
Thank you for this beautiful space called Escuela de Masaje Californiano Barcelona.

The Californian Massage School Barcelona offers you the opportunity to study the Californian Massage Professional Therapist course.

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