Californian Massage: its benefits

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The origin of the Californian Massage

This type of massage was born in the Esalen Institute (Big Sur, California) in the sixties. This was a community founded by people with a very diverse background, most of them after having spent long periods of time in places like India, Thailand, Tibet, etc. This community is still alive today and out of it have come such interesting things as Californian massage, Rolfing massage, Gabriel Roth’s five rhythms, a powerful school of yoga, etc., not to mention that it was the birthplace of Gestalt. All these disciplines have common roots and share the same essence.


Main benefits of the Californian Massage

The Esalen massage has a very restorative and liberating purpose, being at the same time very deep and intense. The primary objective of the Esalen massage is to get the person to disconnect from their daily life and enter into a state of great relaxation. This is achieved with a deep and careful physical work, with long, slow and very harmonious movements, with a fairly slow rhythm and with a rhythmic and constant pressure.

  • It is an effective anti-stress
  • Activates the Parasympathetic system
  • Recommended in states of depression
  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Good for stimulating blood circulation
  • Great stimulator of the lymphatic system
  • Release of muscular blockages and contractures
  • Expansion of joint range of motion
  • Improves overall mobility